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Serving You, Your Choice of Food — Every. Single. Time

Always right. Always in time and within budget

IT’S A PROMISE. And we’ve kept for more than a decade.

We are your local sandwich bar and café with a flourish for cooking most delicious dishes, and bringing the best foods and snacks under one roof — and then serving them in the most immaculate manner possible.

At Zan, you are always treated individually.

We follow your orders, and we remember your routine and the foods that best served your needs.

As a result, WE WAIT FOR YOU — ready to start readying your order at a moment’s notice.

We have but one goal:

To create a space where people, busy as they might be, are able to find the food that they want, and leave refreshed and re-energized

At Zan we believe in customer service.

We believe in delivering only the best, at all costs. Hence, our team members make every effort, and go the extra mile when need be, to make you feel at home and well served — within budget.