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We Are Here To Serve You

Your Choice of Food, Served.

Always right. Always in time and within budget

Established in 2004, Zan is a local sandwich bar and café committed to bringing the most delicious halal delicacies that our customers want, individually and daily — served, always in time and within their budget.

Backed by a team of passionate cooks and staff, we have consistently served our customers by finding their choice of food, for different timings, moods, and days. As a result, we are able to deliver the right choice to every customer— every, single, time!

Over the past decade, our customer base has grown through word-of-mouth because we have left no stones turned in our efforts to create the most reliable, desirable, and accessible bar and café for people from every walk of life in London.

Our goal has been singular: to create a space where people, busy as they might be, are able to find the food that they want, and leave refreshed and re-energized.

We achieve this by bringing the best quality food, snacks, and beverages; setting up shop space so that movement is easy; and by creating the cooking processes that delivers results in the shortest time possible.

Our Values

Ingenuity | Integrity | Immaculate Serving

At Zan we believe in customer service. We bring the best quality of food and a diverse range of snacks to serve the exact needs of our customers. We have consistently achieved our results because of our commitment to ingenuity, integrity, and immaculate serving.

A Commitment to Ingenuity

We keep abreast of our customers’ needs. We dedicate time in understanding them and then find the best ways to create the most suitable delicacies that would set their taste buds alight, and refresh and fulfil their needs.

A Commitment to Integrity

We believe in delivering only the best, at all costs. Hence, our team members make every effort, and go the extra mile when need be, to make customers feel at home, and well served, within budget.

A Commitment to Immaculate Serving

At Zan, ambiance and presentation matters. That’s why we have always tried to create the best experience by bringing the best food, raising our customer care standards, and serving scrumptious food in an environment suited for the fast paced lifestyle of the people.

In the end, we remain abreast of our customer needs at our bar and café. As a result, our team is able to speed up the processes and complete orders at the earliest, and still delivering the best food the area has to offer.