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Concept Design


Zan Food is committed to creating great customer experiences. As part of this commitment, we continuously improve our business spaces to make it more amenable for our customers.

During the past 11 years, we have tirelessly worked to consistently and regularly meet our goal: to create a space where people, busy as they might be, are able to find the food that they want, and leave refreshed and re-energized.

We have achieved this by remaining abreast of the changing dynamics of the areas we serve and the requirements of our customers — in turn improving our shops and business spaces.

When coupled with our commitment to bringing the best quality food, snacks, and beverages; and streamlining cooking and serving processes that deliver results in the shortest time possible has allowed us to expand our customer base while retaining our existing customers.

HOWEVER, at times simply improving the business spaces is ineffective and can no longer address the expectations and demands of the customers.

At times, the whole business space has to be recreated and reinvented.

This is what our team identified and worked towards during the recent years. As a result, we have created brand new concept designs for our Zan business spaces.

And we’re committed to bringing our knowledge to the wider niche!

As experienced business trainers and counselors in our niche, we regularly survey our customers and the niche in general to identify changing trends, and to make necessary improvements to our business as well as sharing our experience and insights for the betterment of fellow businesses.

The New Zan concept is a result of our commitment to understanding the needs and changing expectations of our customers, and to mold our business accordingly.

The New Zan Concept — What We Have In Store for Our Customers

Below are computer generated, 3D models of our new Zan concept for business spaces that are readily accessible for our customers and amenable for their busy, on-the-move work days.

The new Zan concept offers:

  • Clearly displays available fast food dishes
  • A clean, roomy service area for our customers (a maximum of double line for those looking to order/take-away food)
  • Allows fast buy-out for customers on the go by positioning packaged and ready-made foods and snacks in clear, accessible shelve areas

Zan Foods Customer Centric Location Concept 3D Front

Zan Foods Customer Centric Location Concept 3D Side

Zan Foods Customer Centric Location Concept 3D Interior Zoom