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A Commitment to Sharing Experiences

At Zan, we believe in sharing our expertise and skills with people and businesses trying to set up and establish their food trade.

The team at Zan Foods encompasses the experience, knowledge, skills, and insights derived from a decade’s worth of commitment to a single goal: to consistently create and deliver the most personalized customer experience for our customers.

Our Story

As Zan Foods successfully expanded its customer base and scaled its services while retaining its existing customers, our team found itself consulting fellow businesses for best practices. Soon we became involved in aiding businesses in our niche derive better results — consulting and training their staff to create better customer experiences.

What began as our commitment to sharing our experiences and insights, in time, grew into a full consultancy and training service. Now we are aiding other business establish themselves, meet their goals, and derive better results.

Business Consulting Services

As consumer behaviour and expectations change, businesses in our niche experience a dearth of knowledge and actionable insights. They can only be gained by two means: through trial and error during business growth, and through collaborative sharing of insights and best practices.

At Zan Foods, we partner with new and established businesses to assess their current business model and value preposition, and their proposed plans for improvements. We work with the management and staff to understand how adding/removing products and services, and plans for improving their business area/space and staffing options can affect them in achieving their long-term business goals.

As a result, we are able to pin-point shortcomings, identify opportunities, and develop strategies to aid businesses achieve required goals.

Business Training Services

Establishing a business and gaining competitive advantage is never about having the best menu, offering the right prices, creating a good experiences, or the business space. It’s about the commitment of your resources (the staff and employees) to exceptional customer service.

Commitments create powerful cultures.

And powerful cultures leave and impressions — which customers remember and talk about, and for which those customers come again, and pay again.

Internalizing and ingraining new business values and culture requires on-job training.

It requires a streamlined training process so that businesses experience negligible downtime while their existing employees become empowered to deliver the required level of services.

Over the past decade, the team at Zan Foods has consistently expanded itself, orienting new blood into its culture through effective training. This has allowed us to develop intuitive training methods that allow us to bring both existing and new hires up to speed.

We are committed to offering a complete range of interactive training for beginners to help them upgrade and establish their businesses with the latest products and equipment. As a result, we have enabled various businesses meet their health & safety requirements, achieve business goals, and gain a five-star rating. For further queries and to discuss your options, Get In Touch With Us!